A responsible employer invests in their personnel

EPV invests in its employees’ well-being, occupational safety and professional development.

Employee surveys show that EPV is an inspiring place to work. Our personnel consist of professionals and experts in their fields who have diverse experience of the energy sector spanning more than four decades. Our competent and skilled employees are our most important resource.

EPV as a workplace:

  • 115 employees in 2020
  • 30% are women, 70% are men
  • The average age of personnel is 45

We want to be a safe and inspiring place to work

We invest in the development of our personnel’s skills and competence, train supervisors and encourage all our employees to take good care of their health. We regularly collect feedback from our employees and use it to develop the company’s operations and management practices.

It is the goal of our personnel strategy to ensure that our employees are highly committed, motivated and engage in continuous development. We strive to guarantee a healthy and safe working environment, while nurturing a culture of doing things together.

Systematic efforts to improve well-being

EPV Energy takes a proactive approach to occupational health and well-being. At EPV, we regularly inquire into the state of the working environment and community with various surveys and studies, and develop our personnel policy and workplace atmosphere based on the results obtained from these.

Supervisors and workers also regularly hold performance appraisals where they discuss matters relating to well-being and coping at work. EPV Energy sees well-being at work as a broad concept that includes both mental and physical well-being.

Job satisfaction is monitored regularly with Group-wide job satisfaction surveys. The job satisfaction survey is offered each year to the company’s whole staff. Response rates to the survey have been excellent.

The 2020 survey was completed by 87% of the staff. The overall result of the survey showed excellent job satisfaction (4.20 on a scale of 1 to 5), as in previous EPV Group’s staff surveys. Of all the responses given, 82% were positive (4 and 5) and 3% (1 and 2) were unfavourable.

The respondents also felt that their energy in their work was strong (4.29). ‘Energy’ measures the respondents’ experience of their work on an emotional level – how energetic and enthusiastic they feel about it and whether they feel their work is meaningful.

The results were higher all down the line than the average in other energy sector organisations.

As areas for improvement, the respondents mentioned, for example, giving feedback and taking care of good ergonomics, which has been more challenging during the coronavirus pandemic.

Working safely at EPV

Safety is an essential part of our everyday work – we always make sure to take care of it. An effective safety culture requires working together: the whole staff being active and taking responsibility for the safety of their own activities.

It is important to us that our employees, service providers and partners can work in a safe working environment. We organise safety training for our staff and partners. In addition, all our staff and partners working, for example, on peat sites are trained in fire and occupational safety matters before the start of the production season.

The company’s goal is to build a working environment in which occupational accidents do not occur.

Occupational safety is monitored in all of the Group’s companies, including all external personnel working with EPV. Safety is monitored in several different categories, which at EPV are:

  • occupational accidents
  • serious occupational accidents
  • accidents on the way to and from work
  • dangerous situations
  • safety observations

We calculate the frequency rate of occupational accidents, and the result shows the number of accidents per million hours worked, which at EPV includes accidents on the way to and from work. In calculating the statistics, service providers working with EPV have also been taken into account.

At EPV, accidents include all situations that have required first aid or where people have had pain, such as a cut on the hand or falling over on the way to work. We include more minor incidents in our calculation of accident frequency rate than the rest of the sector does on average. We have set the bar for responsibility extremely high for occupational safety. Our wide reporting of accidents also ensures that even the smallest of accidents are logged and the necessary measures are taken at the workplace to ensure it does not happen again.

Read more about occupational safety in EPV’s Corporate Responsibility Report 2020.