EPV Energy Ltd (EPV) is a Finnish energy company that generates and acquires electricity and heat for its shareholders, i.e. Finnish energy companies, at a production cost price. This is known as the Mankala principle and it enables shareholders to engage in extensive energy projects, while ensuring low production costs.

EPV Energy has 70 years’ experience of responsible energy generation, and even now we continue to focus on emission-free, reliable generation with determination and purpose. The company has made significant improvements in its range of energy generation services, which has resulted in a considerable reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. EPV Energy’s goal is to achieve climate-neutral electricity generation by 2030.

The company is a leader in emission-free energy generation, for example in utilising wind power and domestic forest energy. In line with EPV Energy’s strategy, we will also continue our purposeful work towards emission-free energy generation in the future. In 2020, the share of renewable sources in EPV Energy’s electricity generation was 44.3% and the share of emission-free sources 85.2%. EPV Energy’s turnover in 2020 was MEUR 293 and we employed 115 people.

In 2020, the Group’s total power procurement was 3,850 GWh. This corresponds to 5% of the total electricity consumed in Finland. Last year, a larger proportion of energy than ever was generated emission-free.