We distribute electricity safely and securely

EPV Alueverkko is one of the largest Electricity Transmission companies in Finland.

EPV is a major Finnish electricity distributor. We transmit electricity from the main grid to electricity distribution companies and large end-users of electricity. Our job is to ensure that the electricity transmitted is of high quality and reliable.

Our modern electricity grid promotes the continuity of supply and safety of electricity

We continuously invest in our electricity grid infrastructure to ensure it is able to transmit more and more energy produced with wind power. Our investments and modernisations also contribute to the continuity of supply and safety of the power we provide. We take care of the maintenance of the infrastructure according to the life cycle of the equipment.

The electricity grid’s power control system is at the heart of our operations. The volume of data transfer has grown and will continue to grow in the future. Today, information mainly travels through optical fibres instead of copper. Optical fibres in turn run from one substation to another. Well-functioning and sufficient data transfer enables the efficient and continuous supervision and operation of the system.

Energy distribution and transmission networks are critical for society

Because a well-functioning energy distribution and transmission network is critical for today’s society, we are always prepared for various crises in the construction and maintenance of our network infrastructure. Detailed instructions have been compiled beforehand for potential major outages.

Environmental issues are also carefully taken into account in network construction and throughout the network’s life cycle. The environmental survey includes, among other things, historical sites, flora, birds and other fauna, according to which the powerline route will be adapted to the terrain.