Optimising energy systems and risk management for the future

EPV provides energy management services to its shareholders and the energy generation companies it owns. Our own Operations Centre focuses on energy management and enables us to better develop our activities and provide cost-efficient services.

EPV’s Operations Centre works around the clock to optimise the energy trading performance of EPV’s production companies. The Operations Centre’s efficient activities and excellent management of the energy balance materialise as savings in the production costs of the production companies for EPV’s shareholders.

Cyber security is at the heart of our operations

In our everyday operations, we are an integral part of the lives and everyday activities of cities’ residents and companies. We are part of a network supplying electricity and heat to several cities. This is why it is vital to ensure a high level of information security.

Smart electricity systems

There is currently a heated debate going on in public about how to best utilise the flexibility of consumers’ and companies’ electricity consumption for the benefit of the entire country’s electricity system. Previously, production largely adapted to changes in consumption. As production using unpredictable sources, such as wind and solar power, increases, the situation is in part making a 180 degree turn, meaning that today there is more effort to adapt consumption to the ever-varying quantity of production. In short, consumption is directed as much as possible to times of day when there is plenty of energy available.

It is clear that fluctuating power production requires a smart electricity system. This means new operations models, technologies and services. The role electricity plays in heat production is also expected to grow.