Hydroelectric power is an important source of renewable electricity

Hydropower is emission-free renewable energy, produced efficiently and reliably. The producer of EPV’s hydropower actively maintains and develops the water environments.

EPV supplies hydroelectricity at cost price from Finland and Sweden. Hydroelectric power production is highly automated. Modern technology makes production more efficient, increases plant lifetimes and brings environmental and energy efficiency benefits. By improving the operation of the plants, their environmental impact is reduced.

Investing in the well-being of river and lake systems

Our affiliated company Pohjolan Voima generates electricity in Finland using hydropower. The company actively manages and develops the aquatic environment, for example through bank restoration, fish stocking and the capture of fish in the lower reaches and their release higher upstream, as well as by cooperating in projects that aim to restore migratory fish stocks.

Read more about hydropower and water management on Pohjolan Voima’s website.

EPV Energy is also a part owner of Voimapiha Oy, which delivers renewable energy from Swedish hydroelectric power plants to its shareholders. Voimapiha owns and administers hydropower assets in the River Indalsälven in Sweden. It owns shares in seven large hydroelectric power plants located along Indalsälven, which is the third-largest hydropower river in Sweden. The second owner of Voimapiha’s hydropower assets is Vattenfall, which is also responsible for the operation of the hydroelectric power plants.

In 2020, hydroelectric power represented 11.4% of EPV’s power procurement.