Open communications with landowners

Our cooperation with landowners continues throughout the life cycle of the wind farm, which may be up to 50 years.

We cooperate closely with landowners throughout the life cycle of the wind farm, which may be up to 50 years. All in all, EPV’s wind farms are located on land owned by a total of approximately 300 landowners. Naturally, taking this large and important group of stakeholders into account is crucial for the entire EPV organisation. EPV collaborates with landowners, for example, in connection with peat production and wind farm construction.

Cooperating with landowners in timber trade

We also cooperate closely with landowners when purchasing biofuel. Timber harvesting is always planned and agreed on with the landowner. After harvesting, we always discuss together how smoothly the harvest went and other details.

Landowners are involved in the maintenance of the electricity grid and in electricity transmission projects

When we begin planning new transmission lines, we contact landowners by sending them a letter with information about our plans. After general planning has progressed to the contract negotiation stage, we meet each landowner personally, if possible. During the meeting, we provide the landowner with more details about the locations of the transmission line pylons and why we have chosen them. At this stage, the landowner may be able to have a say on these locations. At the beginning of the construction stage, the contractor will contact the landowners by letter. The letter will provide more detailed contact information and a schedule.

As part of the maintenance of the electricity grid, we clear the areas around the transmission lines every 4–6 years. We also cut down trees in the border zone of transmission lines where necessary. When clearing yard and plot areas, we pay special attention to landowners’ wishes. We announce clearings on our website and, if necessary, inform the parties concerned in advance.