Towards zero-emission energy generation with nuclear power

EPV Energy’s affiliated company Teollisuuden Voima produces about one sixth of all the electricity used in Finland, at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plants.

When produced in a responsible way, nuclear power is an environmentally friendly and safe way of producing electricity throughout its lifespan. The lifespan of nuclear power plants is several decades, and they produce completely zero-emission electricity in a similar manner to hydropower and wind power.

Teollisuuden Voima is an energy company that produces electricity at the Olkiluoto nuclear power station in Eurajoki with two plant units, Olkiluoto 1 and Olkiluoto 2. TVO has produced electricity generated with nuclear power for EPV Energy’s shareholders for more than 40 years. TVO has been granted licence to operate the nuclear power plant units already in use in Olkiluoto until the end of 2038.

Olkiluoto 3 is Finland’s biggest climate action

Nuclear power accounts for a significant share of EPV’s electricity supply. In 2020, nuclear power represented 36% of EPV’s power procurement. Olkiluoto 3 will double EPV’s nuclear power production. By 2025, nuclear power is expected to make up approximately 40% of EPV’s energy generation.

The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant is Finland’s biggest single climate action towards zero-emission energy production.

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