Low-emission and self-sufficient thermal and electrical energy

Combined heat and power production keeps efficiency high and carbon dioxide emissions low.

EPV Heat produces electricity and heat in its power plants in Vaasa, Seinäjoki, Tornio and Raahe. By investing in domestic fuels, such as forest energy, we improve employment and the security of the energy supply in our regions. Our goal is to continue to increase the share of domestic bioenergy in the cogeneration of heat and electricity.

Our power plants are fuelled by wood-based fuel, peat and coal:

  • Vaskiluodon Voima Oy: coal, peat, biofuels
  • Seinäjoen Voima Oy: biofuels
  • Tornion Voima Oy: peat, biofuels, coal gas, natural gas
  • Raahen Voima Oy: steel factory’s process gases, natural gas

Commissioning thermal energy storage caverns brings flexibility for future energy generation

In 2020, the largest thermal energy storage (TES) facility in Finland was put into operation in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa. It will diversify the region’s thermal energy generation both now and in the future. The power plant is responsible for charging, and heat is discharged from the TES system for use in the region’s district heating network. The TES facility acts as an optimisation tool within EPV’s energy generation portfolio. It will reduce EPV Energy’s use of coal on average by 30% and bring flexibility to the energy generation solutions of the future.

  • The total capacity of the caverns used for thermal energy storage is 210,000 m3.
  • The TES facility has a charge and discharge capacity of 100 MW.

In the future, the TES facility can be utilised regardless of the production method. The flexibility afforded by the TES facility is a key factor in EPV’s energy generation system and will continue to be, even after the life cycle of the current plants has come to an end. The technology constructed on the site will be easy to modernise and adapt for new purposes as required. For example, the potential future hydrogen project will be connected to it, and the cavern fluid can be heated using wind, solar or some other renewable energy source, while utilising electric boiler technology.

A new electric boiler has been commissioned in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa

The new electric boiler will support EPV Energy’s New Electricity Revolution strategy excellently, as well as its mission to achieve zero-emission and flexible energy generation and consumption. The electric boiler is an important component of the clean heat generation system of the future and an essential part of its adjustable production capacity. Read more about the electric boiler.

Sector coupling at its best

EPV’s goal is to use new sources of electricity production to connect the energy needs of different industries by developing solutions based on new electricity, for example, in heat generation. The electric boiler is also a component of the clean heat production system of the future.

Energy from local biofuels

We invest in innovative and advanced technology and have developed a cost-effective chain from the forest to the power plant. The domestic fuels used in Seinäjoki and Vaasa are procured from the Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia regions, within a radius of about 100 kilometres from the plants. To ensure large enough deliveries and transport routes that are as short as possible, we use several fuel suppliers.

Power plants taking part in the Energy Efficiency Agreements programme

All CHP plants of which EPV Energy owns at least a 50% share have been part of the Finnish nationwide Energy Efficiency Agreements programme for years. These plants include Vaskiluodon Voima Oy, Seinäjoen Voima Oy and Tornion Voima Oy. The Energy Efficiency Agreements actively drive us to seek out areas in which we can improve our energy efficiency. With the resulting measures, we are improving the efficiency of our power plants, which can be seen in falling emissions and greater cost savings.