Clean energy generation with wind power

Wind is clean power, emission-free and renewable. We prepare, implement and operate our own wind power projects in Finland.

Wind power

In addition to its four industrial-scale wind farms, EPV also has new farms in the pipeline for the future.  EPV has grown to become one of the most important Finnish producers of wind power.

EPV aims for long-term industrial-scale wind power generation that is cost-effective and profitable without subsidies. Wind turbines have a lifespan of around 25–30 years, and we always build them using the latest technology.

Building wind power boosts the economy and employment in the region

The employment impact of a wind farm during construction and installation is up to 150 person work years. The annual real estate tax paid by a wind power producer is also a significant addition to the annual budget of many municipalities.

In its wind power projects, EPV acts as the developer, construction manager, investor, operator and the party responsible for power balance – what is most important to us is to produce electricity for our Finnish owners. We manage and coordinate projects and decentralise their implementation.

Thorough licence processes ensure wind farms that fit into their environment

Large-scale wind power projects always go through a full licencing process. The suitability of the site is carefully investigated and a survey of the natural environment is carried out, after which the technical design is performed with due care. The scope and thoroughness of the feasibility works is illustrated by the Metsälä wind farm project, for example, which took ten years from the initial surveys to being a completed wind farm.