The new electricity revolution

New electricity is the main enabler on the way to a new zero-emission world!

A pioneer in zero-emission energy production

EPV Energy generates and acquires electricity and heat for its shareholders, i.e. Finnish energy companies. EPV Energy has 70 years of experience in responsible energy generation. We focus on emission-free and reliable energy generation with determination and purpose.


We are one of the most noteworthy Finnish distributors of electricity

We distribute electricity from Fingrid’s national grid and power plants to network companies. We manage the electricity grid and are responsible for the functioning of its electricity system. Our job is to ensure that the electricity transmitted is of high quality and reliable.

Balance Sheet

1,097 MEUR


456 MEUR




4,291 GWh

Emission free production


For us, responsibility means action – not words

EPV is the forerunner in low-emission and renewable energy. Responsible and ethical practices are our founding principles.