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Corporate sustainability report 2022

Open report (PDF)

We are constantly working for economic, ecological and social responsibility. Read what we did to promote corporate responsibility in 2022.

Our goal is carbon-neutrality 2030

In the center of our strategy, The New Electricity Revolution, is emission-free electricity, which we are achieving rapidly. In the future our energy portfolio will consist of nuclear-, wind-, solar-, and hydropower.

You can read more about our goal to achieve carbon-neutrality by 2030 here.

88 % emission-free energy production in 2023

37 % Nuclear power
27 % Wind power
11 % Hydro power
13 % Biofuels

This is how we store energy

200 MW Electric boiler
11 GWh Thermal energy storage facility
12 MWh Electric battery

Togheter we create a cleaner world

A sustainable and ethical way to operate is the base of our business, which is visible in EPVs operations, way of thinking and leadership.

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Same rules for everybody

Our primary aim is to sustainably produce energy and to maintain our production cost competitive. Good corporate governance is the base of our business.

We make sure that ethical principles are followed in our everyday business. We have a whistleblow-channel, through which can be reported observations or suspicions about activities that are not in line with sustainable business practice or are unethical.

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Reducing our environmental impact

We strive to reduce our negative impact on the environment by e.g., following our biodiversity action plan.

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Zero accidents

We offer our employees a safe working environment. We are also actively investing in cybersecurity.

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We require sustainability from our suppliers

EPV commits to respect human rights and to acknowledge environmental issues in their supply chain.

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We are investing in electricity transmission infrastructure

Continuous modernization of transmission infrastructure strengthens reliability and safety of energy transmission.

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We react to the changing world

We are closely following global megatrends, so that we can effectively anticipate the threats and possibilities of the future. We are supporting the UN:s Sustainable development goals.

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