Good governance

Corporate sustainability report 2022

Open report (PDF)

We are constantly working for economic, ecological and social responsibility. Read what we did to promote corporate responsibility in 2022.

Sustainable leadership

Sustainable and ethical business and procurement shape the foundation for EPV business.

Our code of conduct defines the way all employees and management should act without exceptions. We also require suppliers and other partners to comply with these principles.

The energy sector in Finland is one of the most capital-intensive sectors. Large amount of capital is allocated to our power plants and wind parks for decades to come. We plan our investments carefully. We simulate investment needs for the future and strive to finance, so that our production is reliable, and our degree of self-sufficiency remain good.

We plan our investments carefully and improve the prediction of future investment needs

A well-maintained risk management reduces unwanted surprises, boosts financial stability and improves the possibility to analyze profitability. Financial responsibility requires observations and analyzes of future financial risk in our sector.