Sustainability materiality analysis

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Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability is the basis of EPV’s operations. This is clearly evident in our activities, way of thinking and management. Together with our personnel and partners, we are creating a cleaner world.

Read our Sustainability Report to see what we achieved in 2023!

Essential topics for sustainability

In 2022 EPV started a project to improve the sustainability reporting. As a part of the project the sustainability materiality analysis was updated (see picture). We interviewed different key stakeholders and internal erxperts. In addition to this we procured an extensive materiality analysis, where we analyzed our business environment, sustainability frameworks, industry trends and regulation.

Based on the interviews and analysis we could deduce our main impacts on stakeholders, environment, and people. The analysis is based on the impacts force, extent and repairability. With others how significant the imapct is on an area or people, or how much effort and resource is needed for reparing the damage.

The impacts have been analyzed in three stages of our value chain: supply chain, EPV own business and customer or business partners’ impact.

What were the results of the analysis?

The analysis showed what is material for a company like EPV in terms of sustainability. The results were anticipated and conventional:

  • Climate change mitigation and reducing emissions
  • Health and safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Cost of energy

Financial sustainability rose as a significant theme. For business purposes it seemed quite evident, but social responsibility was strongly linked to the financial sustainability in our current moment. Some of the main themes were:

  • The ability to produce fair priced energy
  • Securing the distribution of energy
  • Offering jobs
  • Ultimately, even influencing the operational capacity of society as a whole

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