Global megatrends

Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability is the basis of EPV’s operations. This is clearly evident in our activities, way of thinking and management. Together with our personnel and partners, we are creating a cleaner world.

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 We react to the changing world

EPV carefully monitors global megatrends because they often have impact on the energy sector. When societal trends are identified in time, it is possible to adapt to the challenges and possibilities of the future effectively. We are involved as experts in the debate for a responsible and long-term energy policy.

Climate change

We are purposefully committed to mitigating the climate change. We are aiming for a carbon-neutral energy production before 2030. We are moving toward the goal in a controlled and sustainable way.

Reliable energy supply

We transmit energy to our shareholders, the national energy companies, with a high reliability. We develop and invest in the grid infrastructure, to maintain a reliable energy supply.

Energy sector transition

The energy sector is in a transitional phase and both the national and global operational environment is under constant change. The investment decisions made in the energy sector are done for long period. Therefore, we act on a long-term basis and hope for a long-term energy policy.


We commercially manage our energy procurement and supply to our shareholders with modern technology. Through digitalization, we create efficiency in this energy supply process. Thanks to advanced technology and analytics, we are also able to monitor and adjust production at every moment.

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