Our commitment 2030

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Corporate sustainability report 2022

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We are constantly working for economic, ecological and social responsibility. Read what we did to promote corporate responsibility in 2022.

Towards carbon-neutrality

The energy sector is going through a rupture – fossil fuels are being replaced and carbon emissions are reduced significantly. The rupture is sped up by EU:s Fir for 55- climate package, which will increase the price on emission trades. The carbon-neutral changes made by the energy branch, has a significant societal role in climate change mitigation.

70-year-old EPV is a pioneer in emission-free and renewable energy production, and our goal is have a carbon-neutral energy portfolio by 2030. New energy is the most important enabler towards an emission-free world. This idea is highlighted in our strategy, The New Electricity Revolution. In the center of our strategy is emission-free electricity, which we are achieving rapidly.

 Our goal is a carbon-neutral energy portfolio by 2030.

We invest in the production, storage and management of emission-free electricity with new technologies. In the future our energy portfolio will consist of nuclear-, wind-, solar-, and hydropower. We also utilize emission-free raw materials and circular economy products such as forest energy and industrial gases. With these actions, we will not only make our own operations emission-free, but we will also help society achieve its emission targets.