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Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability is the basis of EPV’s operations. This is clearly evident in our activities, way of thinking and management. Together with our personnel and partners, we are creating a cleaner world.

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Zero accidents is our target

We offer our employees a safe and healthy work environment. We are also putting a lot of effort on our cybersecurity.

An equal workforce

EPV:n tavoitteena on hyvällä johtamisella luoda innostunut EPV-tiimi, jossa jokainen työntekijä voi oppia uutta, kehittyä ja olla ylpeä.

One of EPVs goals is to create an enthusiastic EPV-team with great leadership, where every employee has the possibility to learn, adapt and to be proud.

We treat all of our employees fairly and equally. Our goal is to have an open and inclusive work environment. We do not tolerate abuse, harassment, bullying or threatening conduct against any staff of EPV, external persons or persons associated with EPV. All forms of sexual abuse is strictly prohibited.

Our employees are paid a fair compensation for their work. They are also encouraged to personal and professional growth and development.

We care for safety

We want to ensure our employees safety in an exemplary way. EPVs goal is to build a safe and healthy work environment for employees and partners, where the likelihood of accidents is non-existent.

We analyze risks related to health and safety as well as manage risks and prevent accidents and injuries. EPV offers instructions about health and safety as well as personal protective equipment (PPE).

EPVs employees are committed to create a safe and healthy workplace.

When working in power plants, wind power parks and peat production areas, electricity transmission projects, as well as during maintenance outages, the importance of cooperation is emphasized. A safe workplace is not created by mistake. It requires continuous work and same rules for everybody to remember. You reach the best results when working habits are monitored and improved together.

We use official trainings for certain areas to monitor the health and safety. EPV uses a software which allows the user to make safety observations and report issues through an application on their phone.

We also improve health and safety with our partners.

Accident frequency is calculated based on the amount of lost time accidents in relation to a million worked hours. EPV also monitors the amount of workplace travel accidents and accidents including partners.

We also improve health and safety with our partners including suppliers. We do not accept child or forced labor in any form and require suppliers to comply with this principle. Furthermore, EPV does not accept any treatment or working conditions that are inconsistent with international agreements or accepted international practice.


Energy is a strategic force in society. Its important role makes it a tempting target for different actors. Digitalization will increase as a part of the energy transition and systems as well as devices are becoming increasingly integrated into larger real-time entities. They are required to have a high level of operational reliability. The role of consumers as part of this entity will also increase in the current decade, and the use of electricity will be integrated into the management of the power system.

Cybersecurity is closely linked to all activities of the EPV and its development. It is taken into account already in the planning phase and maintained and developed during the operation phase. This is a necessary and critical area of activity, which we have paid particular attention to in the past year as well.

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