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Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability is the basis of EPV’s operations. This is clearly evident in our activities, way of thinking and management. Together with our personnel and partners, we are creating a cleaner world.

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Supply chain as a part of corporate sustainability

EPV creates together with its employees and partners a cleaner world. Sustainable procurement is one of the focus points for the corporate sustainability.

Sustainable subcontracting and realization of procurement

EPV is committed to honoring work- and human rights in its own business and its supply chain and strives to identify related risks. We impose environmental and social sustainability requirements on our subcontractors and supply chain, as well as monitor their fulfillment.

Important network of partners

We do close collaboration with a variety of stakeholders. In addition to our own personnel, we employ hundreds of entrepreneurs and professionals every year. Thanks to years of active cooperation, we have built up expert partner networks for different forms of energy production. Good and reliable suppliers, subcontractors and service providers are the lifeblood of our operations.

Good and reliable suppliers, subcontractors and service providers are the lifeblood of our operations.

Our sustainability requirements apply to the entire supply chain. We have established a Group-wide Supplier Code of Conduct, which we apply to cooperation with all suppliers or potential suppliers. In terms of operating principles, we require our partners to, among other things:

  • compliance with applicable local and international laws and regulations
  • good implementation of workers’ rights
  • anti-discrimination
  • special attention to health and safety
  • consideration of environmental issues in the activities of the partner.

The meaning of code of conduct

The meaning of Supplier Code of Conduct is to define the legal, ethical, employee and environmental standards for EPV’s suppliers. EPV’s suppliers shall comply with the principles set out in the Code of Conduct in all their business activities and in relation to their employees and public authorities. By requiring suppliers to share EPA’s sustainability values, EPV contributes to the creation of high standards in the energy sector, including the protection of climate and human rights.

Our suppliers play an important role in EPV’s sustainability efforts. In addition to their own activities, suppliers must ensure that their own suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and business partners involved in the delivery of products, materials, components or services to EPV comply with the principles of the Code of Conduct. We require the supplier to take into account the economic, social and environmental impacts of its operations on all its stakeholders in relation to the size and footprint of the supplier.

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