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Sustainability Report 2023

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Sustainability is the basis of EPV’s operations. This is clearly evident in our activities, way of thinking and management. Together with our personnel and partners, we are creating a cleaner world.

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We always account for the environment

The state of the Earth requires a big change and emissions need to be reduce with great speed. Research is clear: we still have time to mitigate the climate change and the depletion of biodiversity if we act now.

The energy sector has a crucial role in mitigating the climate change. Over 70 percent of the emission in the European Union is from conversing and burning fossil fuels in energy production, or from usage of energy in industry, households, and traffic.

That is why climate change mitigation requires a change in energy production and -consumption. Fulfilling the need of energy and simultaneously reducing emissions is a great challenge for the EU and its member states.

As an energy production company, EPV plays a big role in helping society reach their emission related goals by producing emission free energy. According to our strategy, EPV energy production will be emission free before 2030.

EPV has an important role to help society reach their emission related goals.

EPV’s production shares produced 3,790 (3,515) GWh, which corresponds to 5.5 (5.1) percent of the electricity produced in Finland.

This is how we prevent negative environmental impact

We regard environmental aspects when developing and managing our business. EPV adheres to valid environmental legislation and requires the same of their partners. We are committed to sustainable principles in all our business.

All forms of energy production has some form of impact on the environment and biodiversity. We are conscious about our environmental impact and we strive to minimize the impact by

  • continuously reducing our emissions
  • taking into account land use- and environmental impacts and the possibilities to reduce them as part of our daily work
  • paying particular attention to environmental impact assessment and to environmental risks in accordance with the precautionary principle
  • advance the projects within our biodiversity program
  • by committing our partners to environmentally conscious business
  • by mapping out or environmental risks and opportunities
  • by improving our energy- and water usage and by sorting our waste

Compliance with the environmental management system is monitored and the achievement of the objectives is regularly assessed through audits.

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