Electrification of heat

EPV’s goal is to use new sources of electricity production to connect the energy needs of different industries by developing solutions based on new electricity, for example, in heat generation. The electric boiler and district heating batteries are components of the clean heat production system of the future.

A new electric boiler has been commissioned in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa

The new electric boiler will support EPV Energy’s New Electricity Revolution strategy excellently, as well as its mission to achieve zero-emission and flexible energy generation and consumption. The electric boiler is an important component of the clean heat generation system of the future and an essential part of EPV’s adjustable production capacity.

New district heating battery and electric boiler investments in the pipeline in Seinäjoki

EPV Energy plans to build a district heating battery and electric boiler in the power plant area in Seinäjoki. Together, the district heating battery and electric boiler will be excellent components in the clean heat production system of the future. This heat production combination provides excellent support for the needs of the future energy system that involves sector coupling.


A clean heat production system is a long-term, emission-free solution that will secure competitive heat supply for the regions, while supporting the needs of the new weather-dependent energy systems. This investment will enable a regional reduction of around 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The Seinäjoki power plant area offers an excellent operating infrastructure for the new joint project

The Seinäjoen Voima area is a superb site for the project. The largest volume of heat and electricity production currently comes from this area. That is why it is a good idea to build new solutions in its vicinity.

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