EPV Energy to build its sixth wind farm in Norrskogen, Närpes

EPV Energy’s subsidiary, EPV Windpower Ltd, has decided to invest in 17 new wind turbines in Norrskogen, Närpes. The new wind farm will excellently support EPV Energy’s New Electricity Revolution strategy, which has renewable electricity at its core. New electricity is the main enabler on the way to a new zero-emission world. New electricity is generated from emission-free sources. Wind power plays an important role in it.

EPV Energy is a pioneer of industrial scale wind power in Finland, having started its wind power programme as early as 2006. Wind power is an important form of energy production for the company. In 2020, approximately 26% of EPV’s energy generation was already coming from wind power.

“We have invested significantly in new electricity over the past few years and will continue to do so. In recent years, we have invested more than EUR 500 million in wind power alone. According to our strategy, EPV Energy’s energy production will become completely emission-free by the end of the 2020s,” says CEO of EPV Windpower, Frans Liski.

When completed, the farm will have a capacity of 102 MW.

“The wind power plant’s annual production volume will be more than 300,000 megawatt hours of electricity. The total investment in the wind farm amounts to more than EUR 100 million,” Liski elaborates.

Wind power technology has developed rapidly in recent years and the lifetime of new wind farms has been estimated at more than 30 years.

“One indication of the swift development of wind power technology is the fact that the diameter of the rotor in new turbines has increased to 162 metres. Additionally, the farms have been designed to be even more durable, further increasing their cost-effectiveness,” Liski continues.

The wind farm will be built by EPV Energy’s subsidiary EPV Windpower Ltd and the turbines will be supplied by Vestas.

The preparations for the Norrskogen wind farm in Närpes were started in 2020. The construction of the infrastructure will continue this year. The erection of the turbines will begin in 2022. EPV Energy Group’s sixth industrial scale wind farm is expected to be completed in 2023.

EPV Energy Group’s other wind power stations are located in Vaasa, Ilmajoki, Kristinestad, Teuva and Tornio. EPV Energy is a fully domestic company, mainly owned by Finnish energy companies.

For more information contact: EPV Windpower Ltd, CEO Frans Liski, tel. +358 10 505 5029


Follow news on the progress of the wind farm’s construction phases on the website of EPV Windpower Ltd here: https://www.epvtuulivoima.fi/