Finland’s first Power-to-X-to-Power hydrogen system to be built in Vaasa

Emission-free hydrogen

Hydrogen plays a significant role in the achievement of climate objectives. With renewable electricity, hydrogen can be produced emission-free. Because hydrogen can be stored, it will solve the storage problem of renewable electricity whose production is dependent on the weather. Together with other Vaasa-based organisations, EPV Energy intends to produce hydrogen from the wind and electricity from hydrogen.

The cooperation being planned in Vaasa will enable a new way of storing renewable energy. It will also make it possible to pilot a hydrogen-based energy production solution that is suitable for the global export market. Hydrogen is expected to play an important role in achieving global climate goals.

The electricity storage and production solution based on renewable hydrogen production planned for Vaasa received a boost when the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland granted the project investment aid of more than EUR 14 million in December 2021.

EPV has already invested significantly in wind power generation and will continue to invest in it heavily in the future. When wind power generation exceeds demand, we need to be able to store electricity so that it can be used at an appropriate time later. Hydrogen is seen as an excellent storage solution for renewable electricity in the future, and we are keen to be involved in its development as part of our zero-emission solutions for heat and power generation. The idea is to store the heat resulting from hydrogen and energy generation in the existing thermal energy storage facility built into rock caverns in Vaasa, while maximising the total efficiency of the system.

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