Mats Söderlund has been appointed EPV Energy’s CFO and Deputy CEO

Mats Söderlund (b. 1979, MSE) has been appointed EPV Energy’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) responsible for finances and funding, and Deputy CEO starting from 1 October 2021. Söderlund will continue also in his current role as the Director of EPV Energy’s Heat Business Area.

As the operating environment changes, so does the way EPV Energy produces electricity and heat to meet our owners’ needs.

“This year, we launched EPV Energy’s new strategy that bears the name New Electricity Revolution. At the centre of this strategy is renewable electricity, whose production, storage and use are controlled with new technologies. The change will also bring us new business opportunities. While we build a sustainable future, we have one billion euros worth of investments in new electricity on our drawing board. This further underlines the role of the company’s finances and funding,” says EPV Energy’s CEO Rami Vuola.

“Mats has successfully developed EPV Energy’s business activities, and I am delighted that he will also take on the duties of finance and economic affairs, as well as those of Deputy CEO. Mats has extensive experience of working in business in various companies with global reach, and this provides him with an excellent opportunity to drive forward EPV’s new strategy also from a financial and funding point of view,” says Rami Vuola.

Mats Söderlund has taken on his new duties with enthusiasm.

“It is an honour to take on these new tasks. As the business environment changes, we are constantly exploring new technologies and the opportunities they bring. Our aim is to develop them into industrial-scale business activities. What is required now is open-minded thinking, new learning, a culture of experimentation without fear of failure, and bold action. We have an important role to play in energy generation today and in the future. We also help others to become emission-free and we have the tool to do it: new electricity,” says Mats Söderlund.


For more information contact: EPV Energy Ltd, CEO Rami Vuola, tel. +358 40 509 0044