Maija Suutarinen has been appointed Vice President, Sustainability of the EPV Energy Group as of 1st January 2023

Maija Suutarinen has been appointed Vice President, Sustainability of EPV Energy and a member of its Management Team as of the 1st of January 2023. The responsibilities of the Vice President, Sustainability include the Group’s corporate responsibility issues, the implementation of its risk management and risk assessment processes, and the Group’s communications. In addition, the Vice President, Sustainability acts as secretary to the EPV Energy Board.

“The main objectives of EPV Energy’s strategy are strongly linked to sustainability and corporate responsibility issues. Corporate responsibility is embedded in the company’s strategy, long-term business and investment plans, risk assessments and annual action plans, which are approved by the Board of Directors. The company’s appointed Vice President, Sustainability underlines the role of corporate responsibility within the Group and communicates it to stakeholders,” says Rami Vuola, CEO of EPV Energy.

Maija Suutarinen has been EPV Energy’s Communications Manager for the past four and a half years and her responsibilities have included corporate responsibility reporting, among others. She has also been secretary to the Board of EPV Energy for the past year.

“Maija has successfully managed EPV Energy’s communications and corporate responsibility issues for the past few years, and I am delighted to welcome her to the EPV Energy Management Team. Maija also has extensive experience of working in assorted fields of communications in various listed companies and large global corporations. This gives her an excellent skillset to drive forward EPV’s new strategy also from a sustainability point of view,” says Rami Vuola.

Suutarinen is very much looking forward to her new role.

“I’m excited to take this next step and play a bigger role in EPV’s activities. Sustainability is an important part of what we all do at EPV every day. I’m honoured to be able to promote this important issue, especially in my work. I’m also happy that I get to work with the fantastic EPV team, with colleagues who are highly knowledgeable and passionate about what we do. Of course, this nomination is also a sign from the EPV Group that sustainability is important to us,” concludes Suutarinen.