Pia Oesch appointed Head of Public Relations at EPV Energy

Pia Oesch has been appointed Head of Public Relations at EPV Energy, starting on the 4th of September 2023. She will be responsible for managing the Group’s public relations and lobbying activities. Pia has extensive professional experience in the field and her previous positions include acting as the Senior Specialist at the National Emergency Supply Agency and as the Head of the Agency’s Energy Supply Department, as well as in various lobbying positions at Finnish Energy.

“I’m very happy to welcome Pia to the EPV team. We have an important role to play in the energy transition and in building a clean energy system in an increasingly challenging environment. Pia’s valuable experience in managing public relations and security of supply issues will help us tremendously on our journey towards an emission-free energy system,” says Rami Vuola, CEO of EPV Energy.

Pia Oesch is excited to take up her new duties at EPV.

“I can’t wait to start my new role at EPV Energy. EPV is an innovative and diversified energy company with goals that are close to my own heart, and I already know some great people there. This will make it easy for me to start promoting our common interests,” says Pia Oesch, the future Head of Public Relations.

For more information contact: EPV Energy Ltd, CEO Rami Vuola, tel. +358 40 509 0044